Morgan and Kari

Hello! We are Morgan and Kari and we are a fun, excentric couple who loves life and eachother! Follow us in our everyday life and get tips and tricks to live on a budget for newlyweds. Hoping you will enjoy our website. 

Lots of love, Morgan and Kari


Tutorial Tuesday 48

27 apr 2012

I (Kari) do my makeup every single day. I might not be the best at it, but to become better I watch a lot of tutorials. They are really helpful and you get a lot of useful tips and tricks to look as flawless as you can. I'll give you a link to a great tutorial (her whole channel is really good). Hope it helps you like it did me!



Breathing space retreat and Color me

2 apr 2012

We had the best weekend ever!!!!!

There is ofcourse a reason that we're living on a small budget. We just want to be able to enyoy things to a max, so to live a little bit cheaper on normal days so that you can do fun stuff on the weekend is such an easy decision for us. We have now saved for a long time and this weekend just proved that is has been worth every little second. On saturday we went to the Color Me-festival AND IT WAS AMAZING. Just look at these amazing pictures!


On sunday we felt like just relaxing after an eventful saturday and went to the wonderful Breathing space retreat. It was so peaceful and quiet and just the perfect end to a perfect weekend. The best part about it all: we got to do it together <3

/Kari Morgan

Tutorial Tuesday 45

25 mar 2012

Todays tutorial is.... BEARDS!

To take care of a full on beard can be hard. It gets messy and ugly very fast if you don't give it the care it needs. To do it at home is the best choice for those on a newlyweds budget like me and Kari. I'll give you the video tutorial I use when taking care of my beard, but you can ofcourse find so many more on the world wide web. 



Tutorial Tuesday 44

18 mar 2012

Todays tutorial is...... BRAIDS! When you're on a budget for newlyweds you really can't spend them on going to the hairdresser. You will have to learn how to do your hair on your own. I (Kari) LOVE braided hair and spends hours on youtube watching braidningtutorials. I thought I would share my favorite video with you guys so you can try it yourselves.



All you need is Love

14 mar 2012

4 years ago today I met the most amazing and loving person I've ever met. We had our first date 2 weeks later and let's just say it went kind of perfectly. Now I get to spend the rest of my life with that man, and I couldn't be happier.

Happy anniversary honey, I love you so much!



Are you ready for it

31 jan 2012

Have we got som news for you! Are you ready for it? Here it is........


Our newlyweds budget will be even tighter now. There is so many things we need, and everything is soooo expensive. But we're so happy!!! No news could ever be better. Can't wait for the little baby to come out and fill our lives with happiness. 

/Kari Morgan

Valentine's day wreath

4 jan 2012

I know I am over a month early but I just have to show you a picture of this beautiful Valentines day wreath I saw the other day. Hint to my amazing husband: give me something like this for Valentine's day and I will be yours forever.



IKEA Upgrade

22 sep 2011

Me and Morgan needed a new wardrobe so yesterday we decided to go to IKEA to find something we both liked. IKEA has so many different styles on wardrobes and everything is soooo cheap, wich is perfect for newlyweds on a budget haha! We found our perfect fit and right now Morgan is putting it together upstairs in our bedroom. I can't wait to put my clothes in there. I highly recommend IKEA if you're on a budget just like us, it's a really great store. And their meatballs, SO GOOD.



Scrap book tree

7 maj 2011

I don't know if you know this about me, but I am obsessed with scrapbooking! It is so much fun and creative and you can make sooo beautiful photo albums. I've tried getting Morgan interested but it seems it's not really his thing haha... 

Anyway I absolutely love it and can't seem to get enough of it. I even signed up for a class at so pretty soon I'll be the best scrapbooker there ever was! I'm really excited, this will come in handy when all the photos from our wedding will need a good looking album.



Wedding Crafts

4 apr 2011

I can't believe it's just three more months until we're getting married!!! Today I'm feeling inspired so I'm making the invitations for the wedding, by hand. They become so much more beautiful and personal that way. I'll show you some inspirational pictures that got me wishing the day was here and that me and Morgan were getting married today.