Successful Restaurant Business

Top 5 Rules For A Successful Restaurant Business

Restaurant management implies a series of different aspects, from PR to inventories, communication, customer service and so on. Some of these things are mandatory for a successful venture. Most importantly, without a good chef, most restaurants tend to fail within the first year. Now, what else should you know? 


The customer is always right

This is a golden rule in business. Even if you may not necessarily agree to a customer's complaint, it is important to treat all kinds of potential discussions with diplomacy and respect. At the end of the day, you probably know already that reputation is measured in happy customers. Proving your point of view – no matter how obvious it seems – implies losing customers and bad recommendations. Even if you know that you are right, give this privilege to your customer instead. It makes no difference what happened – they will appreciate the respect and return.

Crystal clear working responsibilities

Each employee must have crystal clear attributions, as well as excellence goals to reach. The more people do their job by the book, the easier the manager's job will become. As a direct consequence, the business will also thrive. Other than that, it is important to actually help employees by giving them all kinds of efficiency solutions – advanced restaurant software, a clear list of tasks, regular feedback and so on.

Restaurants need advertising

In restaurant business, advertising is critical. Restaurant advertising should go on more canals – from dedicated websites to radio. Plus, having a professional website will help in the presentation. Social media networks represent another good method of communication and advertising. Be active, reply to people and try to establish a connection with customers. One lunch place in Stockholm who really does this well is these guys, visit them here, Lunch Stockholm.

Catering can extend sales

Catering has two different purposes. First, it can extend sales overnight. Second, it helps the restaurant establish a database with stable customers. Given the basic infrastructure, a catering service can become an inspired choice. Managers can also set partnerships with various companies for lunch or provide catering solutions for various events.

Discounts and promotions

Promotions can vary widely. You can come up with some happy hour moments for lunch or breakfast, but you can also get some discounts for students, menu packages, fidelity cards and other similar ideas. Test more of them overtime and determine yourself which one is more efficient. With time, chances are you will end up with some stable and returning customers.

These are all good advise to learn more about starting your own restaurant. For more advice about starting your own restaurant, we recommend you to read Gordon Ramsay´s kitchen nightmares or read more here

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